Community Orchard: A community orchard is a collection of fruit trees planted in a public space. Community orchards, which exist in North America and in parts of Europe, are planted in public parks, school and church yards, and on abandoned lots. These orchards are shared resources, not managed for profit. What they have in common is that they are cared for by a community of people.    -wikipedia

Urban Abundance launched its Community Orchard effort in 2011, when we partnered with Clark County Public Works to revitalize an unkept orchard located in an undeveloped park in the Felida Neighborhood. As of 2018, we are now managing four Community Orchard's around Clark County. 


Foley Community Orchard

The Foley Community Orchard was planted over 50 years ago by Hubert and Ople Foley, who tended large gardens and shared the crops with neighbors and those in need through their church. Clark County purchased the land in 2006 and held it as an undeveloped park until 2012, when Urban Abundance and Public Works partnered up to clear out invasive blackberry that was choking the orchard, growing up to the tops of the trees! In partnership with the County, Urban Abundance volunteers and neighbors have been stewarding the orchard ever since.



Curtain Springs Community Orchard

Urban Abundance volunteers are preserving apple and pear trees as Clark County transforms this 33.5-acre former farm into an epic wildlife habitat! Elizabeth Swanson and her husband Julian farmed the land for decades, growing hay, raising cattle, and enjoying the diverse wildlife that inhabited the property. The land was donated to the county upon Elizabeth’s passing in 2016 with the stipulation that it be preserved for wildlife. We are thrilled about this unique opportunity to highlight the benefits of orchards as habitat!


Healthy Homeland Community Orchard

The Healthy Homeland Community Orchard is part of a community garden managed by Columbia River Mental Health Services to provide neighbors (many of whom live in apartments) a space to gather and grow healthy food at low cost. The orchard was established in partnership with Urban Abundance and other local nonprofits, and the garden plots are booked every year! Urban Abundance volunteers help maintain the orchard, which contains over 20 trees including pears, apples, persimmons, chestnuts, and a black walnut.