harvest season 2020


In an effort to maintain social distancing between folx & give you all the tools you need to go out and "Glean Up 2020," we are running a largely DIY version of harvest season. This harvest model is one we've wanted to explore for awhile now and we hope that y'all are as excited about organizing harvests as we are about coordinating from afar!

In an effort to raise the funds to continue  rescuing food waste and increasing access to healthy food in Clark County, this harvest season is connected to a fundraiser - The Great Glean Up 2020!

The Great Glean Up 2020: because we all know this year has a lot of "gleaning up to do." A perfect excuse to get outside with up to 5 members of your household or workplace, do something new, and help bring food that would otherwise go to waste to neighbors who are struggling during this crisis.

Teamwork makes the glean work!! This fundraiser is all about competition. Sign up with a team of up to 5 members from your office or household at $20 per person & see who can rescue the most food from going to waste this season. Most produce will go to the Clark County Food Bank, and the rest shared among participants and neighbors. All proceeds go toward Urban Abundance's efforts to increase equity in our local food system through the creation, maintenance, and harvest of edible landscapes that are accessible to all.

Glean Up winners will receive a laser-etched MVP Harvester trophy that they can keep for bragging rights until next year's harvest season, when the competition is on again! All participants in the marathon-style fundraiser will receive Slow Food SW WA swag and hand-made, wood "medals" made out of recycled materials. 


IF you don't want to participate in the Glean Up, but would still like to support our efforts this harvest season, you can always make a donation here.