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Purpose & Goal:
  • To promote food sovereignty, and local control of the food system, by creating accessible communal food-scapes in our community.

  • To eliminate some of the barriers in installing a garden.

  • To promote a sharing economy, and the decomodification of food.

How we help:
  • Provide vegetable starts and seeds that are seasonally appropriate for success.

  • Provide signage for passerby about the rules and purpose of the garden.

  • Provide some supplies, which may include organic fertilizers, hand tools, and trellising.

  • Provide resources and education.

How you help:
  • Be a host!

  • Maintain and steward the garden.

  • Harvest the garden for yourself, and to donate to the food bank.

  • Encourage others to harvest.

  • Be part of a growing community of garden hosts and advocates for food sovereignty.

How to Start a Resiliency Garden:


Identify a location that is accessible to the public.


Prepare your garden bed so it is ready to be planted (reach out to us if you have questions).


Fill out the questionnaire here: Resiliency Garden Host Application


If approved, we will drop off seasonal vegetable starts and supplies for up to 100 sq ft.


Plant your garden!


Hang up your sign & watch the bounty grow for our community!


Take photos and share your experience with us with the hashtag #UrbanAbundance!

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